Vastu For Home :

Vastu For Home :

The ancient Hindu science of Vastu Shastra is well known around the world. Known also as the "science of construction", the principles of Vastu Shastra focus on directional alignments, and how they can be used well in bringing peace and harmony to homes. Vastu for a home is considered important by many across the world today, as successful implementation of the Vastu principles have brought about significant positive changes in many peoples' lives. Vastu Shastra involves increasing the positive energy flow in a house, which results in a satisfactory and fulfilling life.

Vastu for Home reinforces the fact that all directions have more or less same effects as long as the inner layout of the plot or flat designed as per Vastu principles. Vastu prefers North and East direction because designing the layout or the flat becomes easier if the plot is in these directions. For example, Vastu home says bedrooms should be in South or West directions. The south facing plot of flat will create issues in the designing of bedrooms.

The mot important thing needs to be considered here is the design of the inner layout than the directions in which the plot or flat is facing. A properly designed flat facing South direction will yield good results rather than improperly designed flat or plot in North or East direction.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen:

The best corner for kitchen in any house or property is south-east. It is considered the region of fire or symbolizes Lord "Agni". Since Indian homes are busy cooking on gas stoves, fire is a requirement for food preparation. The main staple ingredient of Indian meal- roti or chapatti is made using fire. Thus, south-eastern corner of the house is considered the best region for kitchen.

It is important to keep water away from fire or stove as water has opposite element. In case, it is important to use water or place sink, it must be used to the right of the burner or stove. Also, Indian homes have regular requirement of grains and cereals. They should be kept in the western corner of the room. In fact, south-west part of kitchen must be stuffed with food and related materials.

According to Vastu, it is important to face east while cooking. Facing east implies facing Sun as soon as it rises which is considered quite auspicious in Indian tradition. Similarly, there should not be any window exactly in front or exactly at the back while cooking. This would imply lack of taste while food is being cooked.

Vastu tips for a better bedroom:

The bedroom is a very important place in a home. This is the room where relaxation takes center stage, and one would not want it to be hindered. Bedrooms constructed and designed keeping in mind the Vastu principles have been proved as relaxation enhancers. The direction of the bedroom is vital in order to experience the positive effect of the Vastu principles. The bedroom should be towards the south-west direction. The construction of the bed also plays a significant role. Wood should be the material used in the making of the bed, and should be given a rectangular shape. The colors used to paint the bedroom should not be too loud, as this has a negative effect on relaxation.

Puja Room

There are few points need to be considered in order to achieve the desired results to your home. The first thing is to place the idols in the right direction. Always stick close with the door placement. Strictly avoid the prescribed raw material while constructing the puja room.


Similar to other rooms, your bathroom demands extra attention as this is the place where you flush out the dirty things from your body. A good vastu consultant can help you place things like geyser on the right location and direction to ensure the best results.

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