Vastu For Company :

Accounts department :

Finance can be termed as the life-blood of any organization and hence, accounts department is pivotal for your company. It is advisable to have your accounts department in the northeast section of your office. You can also have it in the southeast section. This will ensure that the Vastu will extract the maximum energy from natural forces and channel it to your accounts department. If you place it anywhere else, you may obstruct the natural flow of energy.

Reception :

When visitors arrive at your office, they need to have a good first impression to make a positive frame of mind about your business. The best direction for a reception desk is the northeast and it is preferable for a receptionist to sit in the north or east direction for best results. You can decorate the reception area with vastu architecture, like wind chimes and door hangers.

Marketing and sales :

In this modern age, it is not just enough to produce good products or services. You need to make the general public aware of the existence of your business. This is where marketing and sales department comes into the picture. You can position this department in the northwest corner. Workplace for field personnel, office drivers and other marketing staff can also be included in this space. You can enhance the area with special Vastu space enhancing kits, which you can get online as well. This department involves many meetings and hence, it is important to avoid circular tables. The circular shape disturbs the natural energy flow inside the room and you will end up taking no decisions.

Waste management :

Every building and office will produce waste. You need to efficiently have a waste management mechanism in place. Wrong waste management policies can put the health of your staff at risk. You can put waste in the northwest corner, where the magnetic fields will not be disturbed.

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