Numerology :

What is Numerology:

There can be plenty of different definitions of numerology. The for example, it is superficial and skeptical: "Numerology is any study of the purported divine, mystical or other special relationship between a count or measurement & life." "Numerology is an area of study & intellectual custom that addresses the relationships between the hidden, philosophical, esoteric meaning of numbers & their manifestation in human life. The general aim of the practical numerology is to find out the life purpose of a specific human being (or, in a wider sense, a nation, a state or an enterprise), his or her true potential, & also to find the ways of revealing & developing that potential."

History Numerology

History of Numerology goes back some 10,000 years. No knows the exact origin of Numerology. Some claim that it originated in Egypt, while others claim that it originated in Babylon. Some students point out that there is proof to recommend that numerology was practiced in China, Japan, India and Egypt long before it gained prominence in Greece.

Most numerologists recognize ancient Babylon as the earliest period of recorded history of numerology. The ancient Babylonians are credited with developing the Chaldean method of numerology. The Hebrews were responsible for birth of the Chaldean method.

Modern numerology often contains aspects of a variety of ancient cultures and teachers, including Babylonia, Pythagoras and his followers (Greece, 6th century B.C.), astrological philosophy from Hellenistic Alexandria early Christian mysticism early Gnostics, the Hebrew method of the Kabbalah, The Hindu Vedas, the Chinese "Circle of the Dead", Egyptian"Book of the Masters of the Secret House" (Ritual of the Dead).

Numerology Works:

There is a strong irresistible desire in all human beings to know the future. The main methods of future telling are based on sure assumptions. They are that the planets influence individual human beings. The planetary position at the time of birth determines the character of the individual Again though whole universe is filled with cosmic energy known as "chitainya. " It is surprising that this vibration force chaitainya is existing not only in animated things but is also in unanimated articles.

There are three leading theories in the field of future telling are astrology, palmistry & numerology. If they think that there is a moment for birth & the moment for death then as a logical sequence, they must think that there is a moment for each & every event in life from birth to death. Numerology makes use of numbers as a key to human behaviors. Numerology is of the predictive sciences. There's nine planets which have greater influence on the human life & each of them has been allotted a specific number.

Methods in Numerology

Numerology is a powerful process for discovery, a device for seeking hidden knowledge & connections in the world around us. Today, however, there's competing philosophies regarding the approach that ought to be taken. process is based on number definitions, & the other is based on finding connections between words of equal value, through Alphabetic systems. These systems are so different in their assumptions that it is comical to call them by the same name. is a path to discovery & the other is a balm for needy psyches.

The practice of numerology goes back thousands of years. Kabbalah based beliefs will place the beginning of their mysticism in the times of Eden (6000 years ago?), and numerous other still-known belief systems emerged around 600 BCE (Pythagorean, Chaldean). It is important to keep in mind, however, that the term numerology is not recorded in English before c. 1907. Thus must be cautious when assessing any method that claims to have "knowledge" to impart. True numerology offers no simple answers, only tools for self-discovery

Nuber Definitions

The first types systems, & possibly the most prevalent when judging by online banner commercial placement, are those based on number definitions. These are systems that assign a specific meaning or interpretation to specific digits. For example:Individual; aggressor; self; leadership yang Balance; union; receptive; partnership yin CreationCommunication/interaction Action; restlessness; life experience Home/family; responsibility Thought/consciousness; spirit Power/sacrifice Highest level of changes

The facts for the meaning of each number come from a variety of sources including the I Ching, Pythagorean numerology, Tarot Arcana, the Kabbalah, & so on, with different authors determining different meanings depending on the sources they draw from. Despite the obvious flaw that reduces the person coming to numerology for wisdom or knowledge to trying to choose which author is the most correct, there is another profound error in this way of thinking. To make use of a number definition technique the typical practice is to have a 'reading' of one's name and/or birthdate which provides an interpretation of your character, or fate.