Havan :

What is a Havan:

Havan Kund or fire pit which is made of bricks. This fireplace is generally decorated with colorful flowers, leaves, beans, and grains. The items used in performing Havan are a special mixture of medicinal herbs, roots, dry fruits, wood and ghee and are offered as an oblation into the Havan Kund fire. This is accompanied by Sanskrit Mantras which are yet another powerful medium.

The most interesting fact about Havan Kunds is its different properties in different situations. As per the Scriptures, the unique shape of the Havan Kunda looks into the controlled generation and multi-directional dissipation of energy. It acts as a generator of essential and highly powerful energy fields and spreads them in its surrounding atmosphere.

Havan Benefits:

Havan has many benefits; starting from our body, mind, soul to the environment. It’s us who have left these traditions and super awesome solutions by ancestors, somewhere behind. The benefits of Havan are mentioned below:-

1. Acts as a cleanser:

We not only purify the air but also remove the impurities from our mind and body.

2. A source of bonding:

This process also helps in maintaining the unity and harmony in the family and the community.

3. The evil destructor:

By constantly looking at the Havan fire, and by chanting this divine mantra, all disturbing and wavering thoughts will be destroyed in the fire which will result in concentration and equanimity.

4. Acts as a disinfectant:

Various gasses produced during Havana decompose the poisonous gasses liberating free oxygen and other useful products acting as disinfectants. A scientist named Trelle of France did experiments on Havan. He found that Havan is mainly performed by using mango tree. When the wood is burnt then a gas, “formic aldehyde” comes out which destroys the harmful bacteria and makes the atmosphere purified. Then only, the scientists made “formalin” from “formic aldehyde” gas.

Puja items Required for Havan :

  • Samagri 400gm
  • Dry Wood
  • Sweet (Havan)
  • Kalava
  • 1 Lota
  • 1 Metal bowl to heat ghee
  • 1 big spoon
  • 4 spoon
  • 4 bowls
  • Dhoop and Camphor
  • Diya with cotton wick
  • Havan Kund
  • Matches
  • Roli, Haldi and, Chawal for Tika